Have a Coke and a Smile

A brand mantra is a 3-5 word shorthand encapsulation of your brand position. It is not an advertising slogan, and, in most cases, it won’t be something you companies publicly. It can help als a guideline for employees of a company. I think the brand mantra of Coca-Cola is: Have a Coke and Smile.

Coca-Cola has created a strong brand equity. The brand is also top-of-mind for softdrinks for many consumers. Pepsi, a competitor of Coca-Cola, is less salient than Coca-Cola. To build salience, you must not only shout louder than the competitino, but you must shout about things that relate to category needs. The brand awareness is a big aspect of brand salience. Coca-Cola is the largest softdrink company with the largest brand value. They almost reached 73 million like on Facebook, whereas Pepsi received 13 million like. A big difference!



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