It’s the real thing

Over the course of Coca-Cola’s history, they’ve used a wide range of slogans in their Coca‑Cola adverts to help communicate messages about their drinks in a simple, direct and memorable way.

Some of Coca-Cola slogans have focused on the quality of the product (the 1969 tagline ‘It’s the Real Thing’), while others refer to the drink’s refreshing taste (such as 1929’s ‘The Pause that Refreshes’). Some slogans are based on the part Coca‑Cola can play in entertaining and bringing people together during meal times or social occasions, like ‘Things go better with Coke’.

In 2009, a campaign was launched with the slogan ”Open Happiness” in markets around the world with the aim of increasing sales of sparkling beverages of the Coca-Cola Company. At a time when the weakened economy was sapping soft drink sales, the “Open Happiness” campaign invited people around the world to refresh themselves with a Coke and continue to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


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